Progress programmer available for projects/contracts in Florida


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I am looking for information about any Progress opportunities in Florida for myself.
I have been accumulating alternatively computer related studies and Progress working experiences for 15 years in Canada. I went from programming in assembly language and graduating as a programmer in college to manage large MIS system in Progress and graduating in administration at University. Recently I took a kind of sabbatical year to reorient myself in an environment that would be optimal for me. Since I have some relatives that live in Florida I have decided to try to start a new Progress career overthere. Hopefully I had acquired some valuable experiences working in USA with a new kind of visa called TN-1. I am very enthusiastic and determinate to achieve my dream to move to Florida. I even sold everything I had including my house and pay all my loans in order to facilitate my relocation. I am also ready to do voluntary works if possible.
Is there anyone who could help me to get in contact with some Progress experts or recruiters in Florida? Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.