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Tanya O’Connor

Join us as the Progress Corticon team heads on the road for a pair of conferences focused on Health and Human Services, and learn why over half the US states rely on Corticon.

Following the recent launch of Corticon 5.7, Corticon will be attending several upcoming events focused on the Health & Human Services (HHS) industry. These conferences are a great opportunity to come and see first-hand what makes Corticon the country’s leading business rules management system (BRMS), and to see why over half the US States rely on Corticon to process complex everchanging business rules.

Governments and agencies care about serving the needs of the public while dealing with complex policy and constantly changing regulations, and constituents care about timely access to benefits and services. With a business rules management system (BRMS) like Corticon, agencies can improve the processing of pensions, and determining Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, among other benefits.

Stop by one of the following conferences to chat with us about how Corticon drives increased effectiveness and agility. See a demo of our latest version, Corticon 5.7, and learn how it simplifies batch processing, provides cost effective access to multiple data sources and increases developer productivity.

MESC 2018

The annual Medical Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) is August 13th-16th in Portland, Oregon. At the event, stop by Booth 105 to hear what’s new in Corticon. We hope to see you there!

ISM 2018

The annual APHSA IT Solutions Management (ISM) Conference will be held in Seattle on September 16th-19th and we hope you’ll stop by Booth 217 to see the Corticon team!

Get in Touch and Try it Out

We would be very excited to see you at either of these events, but if you can’t make it, feel free to contact us. Or take a test drive today.

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