[Progress News] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Announcing New Kinvey Starter Bundles for Cloud App Development

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Sumit Sarkar

Lower cost bundles and predictable pricing make it easier and safer for ISVs and digital startups to deliver their MVP cloud apps.

The Progress Kinvey team is excited to announce new starter pricing bundles that lower the barrier of entry for more app development teams. Since being acquired by Progress—the largest software company in the world that earns the majority of its revenue serving other software companies—we’re getting more and more requests from ISVs and digital startups that need to work with external systems, either within their existing stack or for their end customers.

What’s Changing?

In response to customer demand, we have introduced three Kinvey starter bundles beginning at $2,500 per year for professionals—Starter, Starter Pro and Starter Max. Unlike other subscriptions in the market, these grow predictably with your success and include all the capabilities required to get to market fast with an MVP such as:

  • One data connector for external ERP, CRM, databases, etc.
  • One auth connector for existing identity and single sign-on solutions
  • Infrastructure and operations that auto-scale up to 2,500-10,000 users
  • Progress Kinvey SilverPro Support
  • A firewall-friendly on-premises gateway

Kinvey Starter Bundles for Cloud App Development

Features available in the Kinvey Business and Enterprise Editions remain unchanged.

What This Means to Dev Teams

The lower cost and predictable pricing make it easier and safer for ISVs and digital startups to deliver their MVP cloud apps. The models encourage success of your apps, whereas pay-as-you-go models from IaaS providers encourage consumption from any cloud service. To get a feel for that model, you can try out calculator.aws and select from the 33 services you plan to use and their usage parameters.

While no pricing model is perfect for everyone, the best option is to start a trial with Progress Kinvey to see usage firsthand, or start a live chat with a Kinvey developer expert about your requirements if you’re still early in the planning.

How Is This Possible?

Kinvey engineering and DevOps have been managing the serverless platform for over a decade and continue to innovate around core cloud operations. In the most recent update, Kinvey engineering leveraged their expertise with the latest innovation in Kubernetes-based architectures to enhance our multi-tenant environment in the following areas: (Note: You should not have to be concerned with this type of work since we take care of it)

  • Optimized Container Orchestration for App Development
  • Consolidated and Upgraded Cloud Services related to App Development
  • Further Automation in our own DevOps processes

This enables us to keep costs competitive for existing customers, while introducing the new starter bundles for new customers to get started quickly with new apps, without the risk of an excessive monthly pay-as-you-go bill that eats up your funding.

Get Started Today

Get started today with the new editions and see how easy it is to deliver app experiences fast with our high productivity platform.


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