Progress Developer Studio - 4x4 shortcut keypad


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So, since moving over to using the Progress Developer Studio from the good old AppBulder I was struggling to remember the new shortcut key for PDS. So, I built a simple 4x4 keypad which has designated shortcut keys associated with each button. I'm using a Pro Micro (Arduino Leonardo clone) ATMege83u4 microcontroller to emulate a USB keyboard. In theory, this should be able to plug into any computer (inc. mac & LINUX) and presents its self as an HID (Human Interface Device).

So far I have allocated 9 of the 16 available buttons. Under Progress Developer Studio which shortcut keys should I include?


I've created a short, crude video demonstrating my progress on development,



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Nice! There’s a few more on the Source menu I would suggest...

Particularly the class shortcuts. E.g. Add Method/Event/Property.

Also I used block selection mode a lot - Alt-Shift-A.