prodel/prorest help or better option


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I need to know how to force the prodel (or prorest) without having to key the y confirmation. Like -by for proshut.

I have an intermediate db that fills with junk over time. As is, we have a server restart process each month. I want to write a script to automatically delete the current intermediate db and restore a blank database already configured. I would like to have this script run as a part of a process.

I am tired of doing D&Ls on all sites every month.

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Make an input file or pipe the keystrokes to the proces like:

echo "y"|prodel ....



Just to dig this back up, is there any way of using this with prorest, when passing a list of backup files as well? One of my Progress books recommends doing this:

echo y | prorest /db/database /backup/file1 < /backup/filelist.txt

But it doesn't take the y when it asks if I want to overwrite the database. Instead, I just get a near immediate "ERROR-Database restore utility FAILED" after the "Overwrite" prompt.

Right now I'm working on a script to restore our live database to our test system every night, and I'm doing a prodel and a prostrct create at the beginning of the script...but it seems like a waste of time to delete the database and recreate the exact same structure just to get around not being able to tell prorest to overwrite. Granted, it's an overnight process on the test server, so I probably shouldn't care if it takes a long time.


Put the "y" as the first line in the prorest response file (prior to the list of extent names).

Tried that as well, same issue. Looking at it more this afternoon, I'm even less concerned that I was earlier; the script will run at 3am (first automated run is tomorrow morning), and the server does nothing else overnight. I'm not sure why I am at all concerned about it taking an extra 20-30 minutes to delete and rebuild the database.


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I have in the past used a batch redirect "<" and an input file called Yes.txt that contains only a "y" and a return.

It would look like this.

%dlc%\bin\prodel sports2000 < yes.txt