printing to COM1 results incomplete page


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Hi talkers, greetings from Mexico.

I have this problem, when doing OUTPUT TO COM1, the printout doesn't finish correctly, the report misses last lines.
I think this was because of the almost null cache on the printer (a ticket printer, actualy), but went to control panel, and set the printer to use the spooler, and to print until the last page has entered on the buffer, but no...
Any clue, any pointing on some direction will be very appreciated.



I don't know if this will help as I am not familiar with the problem so please excuse me if this is a silly suggestion / question.

Do you have output close specifed at the end of the output?


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If you use form header with page-bottom the last line is not ended correctly. I had som problems with a duplicate last line when using form header with page-bottom.

Try to direct the output to a file and check the last character in your print (EOF,CR,EOL) I think Progress have had some problems here and still have.



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Thanks both of you

Hi there..

Thanks for the answers, but:
1) The program indeed ends with output close.
2) I'll check further about the last lines, i also have had sometimes that behavior about 2 replicated rows, but ill check the file and post what i found.


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Tnks for the tip

Thanks for pointing to such good utilities.

The thing is that when the report sent to the printer is small, it is printed OK!.
The problem comes in the form of progress sending too much data or too much speed to the port, and windows interprets as an EOF at certain point or something, such an overflooded buffer or something like that.

thanks anyway but we should find the answer in other way...

This sounds like a flow-control problem. Does the printer use hardware or software flow-control. We do a lot of I/O with serial devices (including ticket printers) at my current workplace and have found the best method is to use the PDQcomm communications OCX and output to directly to the serial port.

Of course using this method you don't get any windows driver features and must code the required printer control sequences (for selecting fonts, barcode format, etc) yourself.