Php and openEdge 11.7


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Hello everyone,

I would like to connect to my openedge 11.7 database with PHP from a DEBIAN web server on the same network as my Progress server.

I can't find how to connect with PHP, do I need to install an odbc driver on the debian server? If yes, how ?
Can I use another method than odbc?

I'm just getting started with OpenEdge and Progress ...

Thanking you!

Good day.


It all depends on what you want to do and why you need to connect.

ODBC provides SQL access to all of the data. That sounds good right up until you realize that you probably have no idea what any of the relationships are and even less of an idea what the business meaning of the data is. You will also quickly learn that "Progress is not SQL".

The target application _may_ already have defined APIs available via REST or SOAP or some other mechanism (maybe even something really crude like CSV file extracts). That solves all of the problems from above but it limits your view (which might be a good thing).

Or... you might have access to 4GL developers who can create the necessary APIs.

Or... maybe you are the developer who needs to create such APIs.

But it all comes down to *why* you need to connect and what you hope to get from such a connection. Tell us more about that and we can probably provide better answers.


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Thank you for your reply.

I would need this connection between the database and PHP to extract raw data (CSV format), in order to feed our Bussiness Intelligence software.

I do not have access to our ERP code, on the other hand I have access to the database (via odbc in excell or via SquirrelSQL), I know the tables and the interconnections between them.

I want to make a php script that will automate checkouts to my BI tools overnight.

It's a job that I had already done on another base (Oracle) but on Progress I have more trouble connecting.

Here I hope to have been clear.

Thanking you

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but on Progress I have more trouble connecting.
Here I hope to have been clear.
What have you done, on both server-side and client-side, to attempt to make this connection? What have you installed or configured? What were your exact command lines? What specific error messages or problems did you encounter?

Also, do you currently have any other SQL clients connecting to your OpenEdge database? SQL client access isn't just enabled out of the box. If your database is not yet configured for SQL access, you have more work to do. You will need to configure the database for SQL client connections (involving broker configuration, table privileges, and access credentials) before you attempt any connection. Is there a DBA who is responsible for this database, or generally for databases in your organization? If so, you should speak with them to determine the scope of work.


Given this:
I do not have access to our ERP code, on the other hand I have access to the database (via odbc in excell or via SquirrelSQL)
it seems to me that the OpenEdge configuration for SQL access has already been taken care of. So it's really a matter of setting up the PHP side of things?

I know less than nothing about PHP.


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I also think that at the parameter level there is no problem because I manage to connect through Excell (odbc) and SQuirreL sql.

@LarryD: I read this article, my question being how to create the System Data Source Name called sp2k in this example?
Do we have to install something on the web server side?


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I don't really know. Someone with ODBC setup knowledge would need to assist.

Or you could just google the System Data Source Name and find something similiar to this


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My webserver run on Debian, so I found the article : progress-datadirect-sql-server-odbc-driver-for-linux on (I can't post the link ...)
I have to ask my linux tech to follow this procedure to install the "odbc" driver I think ...