PDFInclude paid version


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We have been using PDF Include version 3.2 for many years very successfully, but are now considering upgrading to the paid version due to a requirement for newer fonts (and my inability to successfully create an "afm" file that works with PDF include).

I'm interested in hearing from people who use it, how has your experience been? Are there better options out there for creating PDF reports from Progress? Most importantly - if you are using PDF Include to embed fonts - is it working well for you?


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I'm a big fan of wkhtmltopdf output your document to an html file and include CSS, web fonts and your graphics JPEG/PNG/SVG.

Features Including:
  • Cover Sheet
  • Table of Content
  • Page Numbering
  • Windows or Linux command line interface
  • High Res.
Also, it free!!! Plays nicely with with WebSpeed.