OpenEdge + Kafka

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Dear Team,

I am trying to transfer the data from Openedge to apache Kafka using Openedge messaging API. I configured Kafka in my machine and also I am using Openedge 12.5.
When I am trying execute the code, I am getting an error message related to librdkafka version(attached is the error.).

Can anyone please let me know , how can I resolve this issue. I already installed Kafka and configured the same.
How can I load the messaging library for librdkafka?
IS only the Kafka installation is enough or do I need to install the librdkafka separately.




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Make sure librdkafka 1.7 (or higher) and its required libraries appears on the $PATH. Alternatively you can drop them into the OpenEdge Install /bin folder, or in your working folder (I usually put them in the install folder). The script on the doc page will download the required files, from there copy them to where you can use them.