.NET OCX on Progress 12.8


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We currently develop our Progress apps with Version 11.7 32 bits with App Builder.

With the end of the support from 11.7, we started migrating our program from version 11.7 to 12.8 64bits.

The problem is the MSCOM OCX we currently use only supports into the 32b version.

Looking into Progress forums, I've found that the .NET OCX are perfect to replace the missing components.

My question is this:

How can I get these OCX?
Do I only require to install .NET on my server and these OCX becomes available or do I need to subscribe into these Telerik UI?

Some of the components in mscom.ocx may already be naturally available as .NET components so you may not have to download or install anything.

In Progress Developer Studio create an ABL form and if you expand Toolbox-Microsoft Controls it will show all the components available - see attached.

As these components have to be added to .NET forms so you need to embed your current AppBuilder window programs onto .NET forms:

Some simple examples of using .NET components for ABL windows:



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