Need to copy Progress db


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Hi all,
I'm a newbie to Progress databases. I'm a .Net developer who has been asked to write a simple database viewer for a client. What I would like to do is to copy the client's database to my box for development purposes. My question is this: what directories/files do I need to find and copy in order to successfully mount this database on my PC? I plan on using the Sequelink server software.

I have the directory containing the large-ish files ending in .d2 which appears to be the actual database. However, I'm still having an issue. It appears that I may also need the contents of c:\dlc. Is this correct? Any others?

Thank you!


You cannot just copy the database without installing the progress Server Software to run the DB. If your version is 9 or higher , you will need to install the software, it cannot simply be copied.

You will also need to "fix" the db if you copy it in a different directory structure then on your customer PC. (Progress saves the location of all it extent in the header of the DB). You will need to use prostrct repair with a appropriate .ST file.


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I do have server software offered from DataDirect technologies to run it. The note about the directory structure is quite helpful and duplicating the directory structure shouldn't be an issue. However, the install of the server software fails looking for the "version" as referenced by the "DLC" environment variable. Where would this usually be located?


DataDirect? Hmm sounds like have some ODBC drivers there. If I remember well those are no good without a Progress client license (I think Client Networking is required, but someone else may be better informed). Even with a Client Networking license I am not sure if you can access the database through ODBC without actually having a Progress database server up and running (which would mean additional licenses).


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I have downloaded both the ODBC driver and server software (15 day trial license on each).

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Do you mean that you downloaded the evaluation version? I.e.,
If not, what you think is a server may not be the right tool.

Even if it is the right tool, it will have to match the version of the database from the customer or, at the least, you will have to upgrade the customer's version to match your version, which is a bit more DBA than you may want to be doing.

Moreover, you would need to be on a compatible operating system, e.g., it isn't going to work to take the client's Linux database and put it one your Windows box.

Are you wanting to copy it because you are working remotely? With a VPN or similar setup you could work directly off of their database.

What sort of viewer are you going to build?

FWIW, you might want to consider the Database and SQL forums going forward. This forum is intended to relate to different issues. It was pure chance that I noticed the topic and came to the forum.

For the record, pre OE10 the SQL client was part of licensed products called Client Networking and SQL Client. With OE10 the SQL drivers are a free download, although one may have to go through a hoop or two to get them.