Question Is Tomcat necessary for PASOE?


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For next year, we have the objective to create some report sites available to access from Web using Progress WebScript (Or SpeedScript, nothing too defined yed).

This year, we are migrating to Progress 12.8 and starting using the Developer Studio instead of relying mainly on App Builder.

I'm doing some research on how to start implementing the Web Access and a PASOE instance to put the site on the air.

My question is: Is it required to have Tomcat installed to use this services? My co-worker says that on newer versions maybe not be required.
Shortest answer: yes.

Longer answer: PASOE *is* a Tomcat install. So when you create what's called an instance, you are using a version of Tomcat that's installed together with OpenEdge. You do not need a separate install of Tomcat.

Just another quick question... I'm setting up my DB to connect by PASOE and I saw it requesting TOMCAT login info.
This tomcat manager user and password, is the same I'm using to connect on OE Explorer?
No. OE Explorer is completely separate from PASOE.

Not sure why you would be seeing Tomcat login info . What URL are you requesting?