Error How can we fix warning - pcondb for db qaddb has lkctr.


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We wanted to fix this pcon Db warnings at programming side instead of changing Database. this message occurs along with ") WARNING: -l exceeded. Automatically increasing from" message during program execution.


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This seems to be the most relevant KB article. Progress KB - What does the 'warning - pcondb for db has lkctr (395)' mean?
But I would heed the warning and contact Tech Support.
1) Progress version, Service Pack and product - Progress 10.2B
2) OS and version - OS is Windows 10
3) What you have tried - We had executed supplier invoice create API which is customised but warning message not occurs exactly after executing this menu.
4) What errors you are receiving - No errors we are getting at the time of compilation or no on front end at the time execution.
Below warnings occurs on server log files.
[18/11/16@20:20:14.358-0500] P-005727 T-000001 1 AS -- (Procedure:

> 'us/gp/gpapist.p' Line:4294967295) warning - pcondb for db qaddb has

> lkctr -13914 (395)