Error Timeout Expired


Hi to all.
I am using ODBC Driver v. 11.5 32 bit
I use a specific DSN xyz that uses this driver to connect a Progress DB inside a SSIS integration service SQL SERVER 2014 Bi Edition.
I need to pull data from a specific progress table and write records in a SQL SERVER Table.

I receive ,after a lot of records correctly read , ERROR TIMEOUT EXPIRED ..
I tried to modify query and tried to improve it...nothing to do...
I just wrote a lot of SSIS similat to this but woth this progress table i receive this error.

I found this article. .Progress KB - Timeout expired error when executing a query that has QueryTimeout set
It tells to me to modify QUERYTIME OUT parameter from 0 (default value) to - 1 ...
Is it right to do that ???
I am little afraid to do ,,,, i do not want strange errors or strange behaviours in all Others SSIS i did,
Perhaps i could create a specific DSN with parameter Query time Out set to -1 to use only with this SSIS,,,but i'd prefer another solution...
Any suggestions ???

Thanks and regards in advance.