Error 1124/4229

Hello All,

We have been getting error 1124 and 4229 in the database logs and sometimes client got this error when running the application (QAD menu option). After facing of this issue, database won’t shut down and everything works fine. Backup of this database is also fine (we restored this backup to any other environment and it’s restored successfully) and there is no SAN device available on the server.

We scanned the database with DBRPR utility by using below knowledge article but unable to find any error message in dbscan.out file that we created as an output of all activities.

Progress KB - Fixing errors (4229) and (1124) on a database.

Progress Version: 10.2B0864

Kindly give your inputs on the same.


Cringer Moderator
Staff member
Can you post the full error message including the numbers etc. I have a hazy memory that this can sometimes be caused by Temp Tables and not DB Tables.
Hello Cringer,

Below is the required detail:

(1124) SYSTEM ERROR: Wrong dbkey in block. Found 0, should be 80128 in area 6.
(4229) Corrupt block detected when reading from database.


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
1124 errors can be transient; they may result from file system cache problems. You could try rebooting and see if they still happen.

They can also happen because a database block is actually damaged and contains the wrong dbkey. A reboot won't help in that case. You may have to restore from backup and roll forward your AI files. You may also have unresolved hardware problems.

This is a serious error and you probably shouldn't try to resolve it alone. I strongly suggest you talk to whoever provides you with technical support. If you are a direct customer, open a case with Progress technical support. If you are an indirect customer, talk to your software vendor.