ERP - MFG/PRO Progress Specialist


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Address : PIERREFONDS, H9A - 2X5 , Montreal(QC), CANADA
Telephone: (514) 683 2707
Languages: English (fluent), French (taking courses)


A position where I can use my software development experience and skills,
as well as my ability to work as a team member and contribute to the support, design and testing of the products and services.

Field of competences

Team member of the M.I.S.(Management Information System) Department. Progress 4GL, Progress Database server and MFG/PRO at Daewoo Automobile where :
1 Designed and developed and tested enhancements to MFG/PRO software for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Distribution, Sales Orders/Invoice, department. Development of car sales by cash, installment, leasing invoice application; export car system who contains delivery, inventory, sales system; accounting reports. MFG/PRO customization.
2 Designed, developed, implemented and tested of Spare Parts Application who contains the main modules: purchasing, sales, inventory system. MFG/PRO customization; unit price calculation module, price register/modification.
3 Development of engine and transaxle sales application who contains the following main modules: production request, packing request, invoicing, shipment documents, sales order maintenance and accounting (printing document and lists: invoice, delivery, input, output, inventory, balance)
4 Designed and developed of Warranty Application in Progress language and MFG/PRO who contains input screens for Warranty Claims, correlation between operations and materials, printing documents (work orders, payments documents, warranty claims), accounting subsystem - primary documents centralizing (material bills, invoices for service orders and parts sales, service orders and warranty claims reports); analytical balance of the inventories, management reporting subsystem daily/weekly/monthly production reports
5 Design and development of Spare Part Project and Warranty in WebSpeed language who contains the main modules: purchasing, sales, inventory system, warranty claims maintenance and lot of reports about cars, cars sale, car prices, operations warranty, information about clients
6 Implementation and design for recording registered mail, mandate, pension and normal letter in Fox Pro programming language. Improvement and development of Car Sales Applications in FoxPro. Improvement Spare Parts Sales Applications in Visual Basic
7 Team member of the Crescendo International firm which implements MFG/PRO application in Romania. Where : designed and developed of Post calculation , Ante calculation applications. (Progress GUI)
8 Designed, developed, improvement applications for all MFG-User clients (cash book, Customer / Supplier Blockage, increase format).
9 PC operation and programming. Documentation system, user manuals, users training.

IT skills
· Programming: Progress 4GL, Progress GUI, SQL, FoxPro, Visual Basic, Visual Fox, Pascal
· Operating Systems: Unix, DOS, Windows NT, Windows 95/98
· Database: Progress (7.3;8.5;9.0,9.1) , Access, Microsoft SQL ,FoxPro
· Internet: Webspeed, HTML/DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

· Analyst programmer - at Crescendo International S.A - Unic QAD's MFG/PRO Reseller for Romania; March 2001 - June 2003
· Analyst programmer -at Daewoo Automobile Romania S.A. - Management Information System (MIS) Division; July 1996 - March 2001
· Programmer - at Post Office Direction Romania ; August 1995 - June 1996

General experience
· 8 years with Progress 4GL and MFG/PRO (7.3; 8.5; 9.0 , 9.1)
· 2 years with Progress GUI and MFG/PRO (9.0, 9.1)
· 2 ½ years with FOXPRO
· 2 year with HTML, Webspeed, SQL
· 1 year with DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB, PHP

· Graduated: University of Craiova; Bachelor degree: Electrical Engineering; Obtained in: 1994
· High School: Elena Cuza of Craiova; Profile: Mathematics Physics; Obtained: 1989

· Communication
· Capability of take decision
· Patience, conscientiousness
· Orderly, disciplined
· Adaptability at stress

· Available upon request


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I'm a little off topic here.

I have had problems with applying for MFG/PRO jobs now and in the past. It seems that specific application experience is more important than strong Progress skills. Is MFG really that different from the other large ERP/MIS systems out there?

Rob Pasley.