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Hello there,

once again I need a little help from you.
First of all: Is it even possible to debug an application that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago) in a ChUI? If not, thread closed ^^

The frontend of the app I want to debug is displayed via TeraTerm, Progress runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago), so I think it isn't possible to debug on the WIN-client.

If this is possible, how do I do this?
After I added -debug in the in DLC-folder I got the message 11724 (Progress 4GL is not enabled for debugging).
So I started proenv as root and started proDebugEnable -enable-all
When I start the app now it just freezes and on CRTL-C I get the error 11632 (While waiting for a connection from the Debugger, a timeout occurred or you have interrupted the wait) and 2997 (Could not start up Progress Debugger).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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Can you use "-debugalert", or is that not going to work?


I tried -debugalert 1 and got error 301, wrong argument. Didn't try without 1. The app starts now. Thanks.
But when I try to debug now, the window freezes again and on CTRL-C I get the error 4106 (Unable to startup PROGRESS Debugger)

Is this because the app runs on a Linux-Server and I only have the "display" in my TeraTerm on a Windows-Client?

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-debugalert will just provide you with stack traces on error messages (extra button displayed). It won't make any difference to the debugger.

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This is possible. This doesn't involve using "-debugalert" in your client or modifying

The proDebugEnable -enable-all command enables your DLC installation for debugging.

In Unix this sets a key-value pair in /etc/ProDbgCk to say "<DLC dir>=Debugging enabled". In Windows it sets a registry value;
32-bit: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PSC\PROGRESS\ProDbgCk; "<DLC dir>="Debugging enabled"
64-bit: HKLM\SOFTWARE\PSC\PROGRESS\ProDbgCk; "<DLC dir>="Debugging enabled"

This just creates the possibility to debug an ABL session. To debug a session, use the proDebugConfig command:
proDebugConfig [<pid>]
Without a PID, it will give you a list of processes and PIDs for this DLC and let you enter one. With a PID, it will give you a port number to use to attach to that process. E.g.:
                        PROGRESS Debug Configuration Tool

Process 2834 is now ready for debugging.
Use port 9999 for the Debugger to connect to.
Then, in the standalone debugger, select Debug | Attach to Process..., select Attach to debug-ready Process, and enter the hostname and port number (the port number provided in the proDebugConfig output).
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Fantastic, this works really great.
The only thing I had to do in addition is to connect the unix-file system (where the r-files are) to Win via SMB share.
After that I set the SMB-path in the Debugger under Edit -> Preferences -> Attachable

Thanks again to you all and have a great weekend, cheers!