Copying a Procedure Library


Linux 7.4 -- OE 11.7.18

The system I work on has Linux servers with Progress DBs and (classic) AppServers on Windows that connect to the Linux servers.

The exact-same program code set resides on both Linux and Windows, so when compiles occur on Linus the new compiled code-set is copied to the AppServers. That process works fine.

I am considering introducing Procedure Libraries ( which I have previously used on another system ). Progress documentation has several references to setting-up and using Procedure Libraries but I have not found a reference that answers this question:

Can a Procedure Library created on Linux be copied to a Windows AppServer and used?



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Pretty sure the answer is yes. We do it the other way round, pls created on windows are (also) deployed to Linux.


We create our prolibs on Linux and deploy them on Windows.

The prolib format is portable across platforms. R-code compiled on Linux will run on Windows (assuming the same OE version). Windows r-code that uses GUI features will not run on Linux. In both cases references to external DLL calls will throw runtime errors if the referenced DLL does not exist.

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I've done this in the past. It works, as Tom points out, if the r-code in the PLs doesn't use any incompatible OS-specific features (e.g. assuming a GUI library is in the propath in a tty environment).


Thank you very much ... the Progress code contains no GUI stuff; all GUI is handled through APIs.