Cim Load Or Q-doc For 7.9.1 - Picklist / Pre-shipper Automatic

Paul Bengs

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We are in the final panicky stretch of go-live for our QAD EE upgrade and we cannot get our CIM load for 7.9.1 (Picklist/Pre-shipper) to actually work. By "work" I mean, the program runs in a CIM Load, the log files show a successful load, but the program does not produce anything - no abs_mstr records are created. When we run the same program interactively it works fine.

Why are we using CIM load for this function instead of a Q-DOC you might ask? Well, QAD has not provided a Q-DOC.

So if anyone out there could show how they executed a successful CIM Load of 7.9.1 or has ingeniously created a Q-DOC for this we would love to hear from you. This is critical for our automated shipping processes.

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Paul Bengs

Stephen K.

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...same issue - changed from .cim to .txt to upload. I've tried 36.15.1 & 36.15.2 in as many combinations as I can dream up and .cim as well as .txt.


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I have attached 2 Cim files. One template that I generate and an example. Combined in a zip.
This one works for EE2014 for 7.9.1.


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