Auto fill feature


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I am using progress 10.1B.
I am using it on Tablet with windows 10. Windows based application.
When a user has to enter some data in the field, the tablet's on-screen keyboard is displayed and the user can use touch screen to enter the data.
The windows function sometimes shows suggested words. But when the user chooses this suggested words it does not go into the field of my program.
Is there a setting on the Tab or can it be programmed that these suggested words can be captured into my program field.

Right now the user has to enter the complete detail.
For example the field has to enter color. The user enters pur. the windows system will suggest purple. But when user chooses the suggested purple, it does not get
stored into the field. The user has to enter 'purple'.

Can anyone help?
Thank You in advance.

Cringer Moderator
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10.1B was released in December 2006. Over 12 years ago. I'm actually more surprised any of it works on a Windows 10 tablet than I am that this doesn't work.
More to the point 10.1B is obsolete and unsupported. The oldest supported release is 10.2B although that will be falling out of support very soon indeed. 11.7.4 is the latest version, and 12 is imminent.
I'm not saying this will work in 11 or 12, but you are more likely to find a working solution on a current release.