Allowances on Orders


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How can allowances be setup on sales orders?

Can it it setup to meet the following scenario:

If a sales order delivery method is designated as “pickup” versus “delivered", then when the order is invoiced, calculate an allowance shown as a reduction on the order.

Are there fields/setup available to define multiple level of allowances for customer eg: snell allowances, pickup allowances, . In general looking for the ability to set various allowances.
mmmmh... two possible approaches... if the allowance is say, a percentage of a given line in the PO, perhaps a discount list added to that line that represents a previously defined discount. In this case, the discount can even be tracked using special discount accounts to hit the GL.

Another approach would be to put a negative number in the SO trailer so there is a reduction on the total value of the order. Can even be tracked with a special trailer code to identify it is an allowance. The trailer codes can in fact be negative to indicate a discount, not only for charges. :)

I can think of other more sophisticated ways but these two are simple, out of the box.