Question 11.6 DbAnalysis - LOB size reporting

Hi all

I have a database with lots of LOBs in it - I've used LOBs before but not on this scale.

My dbanalysis (OE 11.6 on AIX) ends with

Total 40.2G 27.4 10.6G 7.2 95.9G 65.4 146.6G 100.0

Yet on disk this database is just 60GB, past experience tells me the measure of data and indexes is reliable so how are the LOBs fitting into the database on disk?



Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Hi Chris,

60 GB is a little more than the logical size of your tables and indexes. According to dbanalys your LOBs are 96 GB.

How are you determining the size of your DB on disk? Is it by looking at the size of a directory? Is it possible that the LOBs have been assigned to areas with extents that reside in some other location?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
What do you see for DB size in promon 5?
Hi Rob

I will check promon before the end of the week when I can next take another look.
This is a type 1 database it only has 6 extents, 5 2GB fixed and a 52GB variable - all in the same folder.
(Yep its getting Type 2'd)

Just wondered if it was a bug in how it reports, 11.6 was when this was introduced and no service pack is applied.
(SP4 will be added as part of my work)



Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
The LOB SUMMARY section of the report show show you which area(s) the LOBs are located in.

This is a type 1 database it only has 6 extents,
Technically, "Type I" is an area attribute, not a database attribute. I assume you mean the DB has only Type I areas.

Are all of the extents you mention in the same area? Are you getting the list of areas from the DB, from the structure file, or from the dbanalys report?