windows server 2008

  1. LawnyToast

    Upgrade Questions 10.2B to 11.6 and OS Migration

    I am just going to Dump a lot of information here so bare with me... We are hitting a roadblock with Windows Server come 2020. Our OpenEdge 10.2B DB is hosted on a VM who's OS that is going end of life in January. Our software has been created and curated in 10.2B for 12 years. We own 11.6 but...
  2. V

    Question How to setup and config PDFInclude in windows server

    Hello guys. I'm newbie,I have a project auto export to PDF when running a Report Framework in QAD software. I downloaded PDFInclude 3.3.3 tool and I compiled in Character Client (CHUI) with example file code " Hello.p " but it didn't work, not create file PDF and not error message. +...