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    Question Setting Fgcolor Attribute Not Working Under Windows 7 Basic Theme

    Hi, I have an issue while using some GUI control in Progress I have a radio-set widget in , for which I would like to change the font color (rdo:FGCOLOR). Here is an example of source code of what we try to achieve DEFINE VARIABLE RDO-option AS WIDGET-HANDLE. DEFINE VARIABLE m-status...
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    Question I Need The Unix Version Of This Progress External Procedure

    Unix v11.3 Hey all. I had posted a question about needing to find code for a zip code calculation, which Rod provided. The code works fantastic, as long as I run the code from a Windows GUI Procedure editor. But I need to be able to run it on Unix. I need the Unix version of this procedure...
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    Error Find first/Last failed for table (565) when used in a METHOD of a CLASS

    Hi, I am trying to run a program, where a method that is used in this class is defined. CLASS classname: CONSTRUCTOR classname(): method2(). END CONSTRUCTOR. METHOD PRIVATE LOG method1(): ..... FIND FIRST tablename NO-LOCK. ..... END METHOD. METHOD method2()...