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    OpenEdge.Net.pl v11.5.1 Error 'X-NODEREF or X-DOCUMENT LOAD got an error: FATAL ERROR: file 'MEMPTR'

    Hi, I am using OpenEdge.Net.pl (Progress v11.5.1.006) for sending requests (base64-encoded Json into a SOAP envelopp) and getting randomly, from time to time, the following error : 'X-NODEREF or X-DOCUMENT LOAD got an error: FATAL ERROR: file 'MEMPTR', line '1', column '0', message 'invalid...
  2. A

    Question Example Of Call To Webservice Using Openedge.net Library

    Hi, I will begin with a development of a program which will have to call a WebService (never worked with WebService before). I am looking for some simple example of working code that will call an existing WebService (can be anything) via the OpenEdge.Net library. Basically, I need to call the...
  3. Rutger Olthuis

    Resolved Empty Response From C# .net Webservice

    Hi, I've had a long break from developing with Progress. Things like Prodatasets are pretty new for me, so my problem might be related to my lack of understanding the prodataset, but I have the feeling I'm doing something else wrong. I'm trying to call a number of webservices created in C#. I...