temp table

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    why I am getting error "X-noderef must be associated with a valid x-document inorder to use it in method NUM-CHILDREN (9102)")

    /*My code is given below ......Here I want to read an xmlfile and write to temp-table . From this xml file I want to read only mainsub(child) and its sub-children(sub) */ DEFINE VARIABLE hDoc AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hroot AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hmainsub AS HANDLE...
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    Editable Multiline Frame ?

    Hi guys, i would like to make a editable frame over temp-table...is it possible? I have temp-table with oreders - and i would like to display 10 orders in one frame and update one logical field..is it possible thru frames with DOWN or is it possible only with query with BROWSE? Thanks Rumi
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    Answered Is using Temp tables and locking bad coding standards

    Hi all, Quick question, is using lock statements (no-lock, exclusive-lock) when doing searches on temp tables considered bad coding standards? See example below. Now before anyone says anything note the below is a simple example for illustrative purposes only. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE...