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    Answered Parsing JSON with dynamic keys

    I need to parse and load a JSON object with dynamic keys. Is it possible to do so with OE. I am running OE 11.3 Extract from JSON looks at follows "aircraft": { "319": "AIRBUS A319", "333": "AIRBUS A330-300", "738": "BOEING 737-800", "739": "BOEING 737-900"...
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    Need to insert field values to a database from a temp-table that I have created from xml file in progress 4gl. How to do that??

    **Below is my samplecode to read data from xml file and write to temp-table "tttemp" and display a child "mainsub" and its sub-child nodes.** DEFINE VARIABLE hDoc AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hroot AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hmainsub AS HANDLE...
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    Question How Make Json Out Of One Tt/ds Record At A Time.

    I have a program that takes a temp-table, reads it into a json object then uses that Json to call a rest service i need to tweak it so that it only sends on record at a time until all the records are sent. is there anyway to do this dynamically, or do i need to break the data and build the json...
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    Dynamic Temp-table To Static With Varying Fields Count

    Hi All, need your help on a requirement. it goes like: i have a delimited file with unknown numbers of columns. i can able to create a dynamic temp-table and populate entire data properly in that temp-table. Now i want to copy all these records to a static temp-table which is nothing but a...
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    Question Define temp-table like another table without an index/field

    I have a custom report that uses a temp table defined like a database table that is receiving this error: ** temp_ld_det already exists with 0. (132). It seems that since our last upgrade, QAD has added an index to that table which is causing the issue. Is there a way for me to exclude this...
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    Answered Is using Temp tables and locking bad coding standards

    Hi all, Quick question, is using lock statements (no-lock, exclusive-lock) when doing searches on temp tables considered bad coding standards? See example below. Now before anyone says anything note the below is a simple example for illustrative purposes only. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE...