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    Answered Converting Application with Global Shared Variables to Classic AppServer REST Service

    Hello, I currently have an ABL UI application which was originally written with the business logic separate from the GUI. I am trying to convert the frontend to a website but keep the underlying Progress business logic so I am attempting to use a Classic AppServer REST broker to interact with...
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    REST interface to manage Progress Web Service Adapter remotely

    Hello everyone, I have the following challenge: - I have a Classic AppServer and a WSA (interface to the AppServer for web services) deployed on Tomcat Web Server, shipped with the Progress Installation - I can get different information about WSA deployed services remotely using fathom REST...
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    Question Building Rest Service Api Documentation

    OpenEdge 11.6 SP2 Linux PASOE Has any found any good tools that work will with OpenEdge REST API Services?
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    Question Setting Up Rest Webserver Adapter

    Hi All, Can anybody point me to document where I can find info on setting up Rest WebServer? Currently we are using SOAP in getting data. My OE version is 11.6 Regards, gnome