1. A

    display top 5th customer

    Can anyone please help me to write a query to display top 5th customer according to CreditLimit.. (in sports2000 db). Thanks in advance..
  2. M

    Error Error - 7317 - Dataset issue - Noobie.

    I have tried to create a dataset fill example however i keep running into the same error: When i run the code below I get the following error: ADD/SET-BUFFERS may not be used on static query qTradep. The results i get back are in the attachments, The customer table is filled with 0(s) instead...
  3. matchew

    Resolved Slow browse display on open query statement

    Good Day, I am having a trouble with displaying the results of my open query statement to the browse. Legend Program Name: memberName.w Open Query: OPEN QUERY {&browse-name} FOR EACH MemberInf WHERE MemberInf.lNAME + " " + MemInf.FName BEGINS SELF:SCREEN-VALUE...