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  1. M

    Question Set Statement With Editing Block (mfg/pro)

    I am using QAD-MFG/PRO in .NET windows version. I have a frame in which the fields are array elements. During the code execution, the frame is populated with the current field values in database. Hence, the scrolling function enabled for the these fields will start the scroll from current value...
  2. Edgar Chinchilla

    Question How To Pass Params To A Qad's Explore View?

    Hi PT! Please help me! I need to know how can I pass params from someprogram.p to an explore view used by the someprogram.p itself. To be more especific, in someprogram.p I ask for a value (var1), then I ask for another value, but this last has a "seach icon" to select the value from a QAD...