1. bilelbeldi617

    Help please!

    I wanted to call an external procedure deleteInvoice.p(Input recid(invoice)) from deleteCustomer.html but i get the error "Unable to run Web object 'WebSpeed/deleteCustomer.r'".
  2. Norbert Himer

    GUI and WebSpeed application converting

    Hi All! I have a little problem. I want my current application to be displayed on the web. I started with the first reports and I already had a problem. The structure of all my reports is as follows: /* Title and Global variables definition */ /* Local variables definition */ /* Selection from...
  3. J

    Error Procedure Not Running

    Hi, When running the below code and selecting the file-btn it doesn't run the procedure within the SET statement (fileOutputReport), the MESSAGE statement works so I know the variable is populated with the data entered by the user however it doesn't go ahead and OUTPUT TO the file which is the...