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  1. P

    Using Datadirect to connect remotely ms sql hosted in win platform to the progress d/b in linux platform

    I am trying to connect ms sql database remotely to the linux environment. In linux machine i created datasource which is successfully connected when i try to run sample example provided by datadirect. But when I try to make schemaholder to connect ms sql databse to progress in linux, it pop up...
  2. A

    Question .NET delegates in progress 4GL/openedge

    We have seen in the documentation that .NET delegates are not supported in progress. Source: OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation But is there another possible way to convert this line of C# code to working progress code ? C# code: ldapConnection.SessionOptions.VerifyServerCertificate = new...
  3. G

    Question Implementing Session Timeout In Gui

    Hi All, I was looking for was to implement session timeout in GUI and followed the link and its working but have side effects where all the click events (like buttons) needs to be double clicked before it executes action. Progress KB - How to programmatically timeout an ABL session? Checking...
  4. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Get External Ip with msxml2 1.0

    Progress 4gl msxml2 example. Read external ip address with msxml2.