odbc connectivity

  1. E

    problem with multiple power bi connections causing error broker

    Good afternoon, I have some BI that connect via odbc, but when I update online, it gives a broker error, when I check the connections in the database it is showing that the power bi uses more than 13 progress licenses, and the company has a license limit could someone help me? first time working...
  2. F

    Progress version 8.3C17

    My company has some legacy software that I need to data warehouse. It is an old version of SyteLine on a progress 8.3C17 database. Is there a way to connect to this database with an ODBC connection to bulk extract the data?
  3. P

    Using Datadirect to connect remotely ms sql hosted in win platform to the progress d/b in linux platform

    I am trying to connect ms sql database remotely to the linux environment. In linux machine i created datasource which is successfully connected when i try to run sample example provided by datadirect. But when I try to make schemaholder to connect ms sql databse to progress in linux, it pop up...
  4. Sha2nk777

    ODBC connection issue while connecting PENTAHO

    Hello All, Greetings, I have the version of progress( i.e. openedge 11.7.1 ) and try to connect it with Pentaho Data Integration (Spoon) through ODBC connection. my connection type is: generic database access : ODBC i am using JDK : jdk1.8.0_161...
  5. P

    Progress 9.1d Odbc Driver For Windows 2008 R2

    Hi, We have a need to connect from Windows2008 R2 server to a progress 91.d database on linux. This version of progress is 32 bit and windows version is 64 bit. Have been unable to install client networking which has the Merant odbc driver inbuilt on a windows2008 server. Any ideas on where i...
  6. N

    No Data Error On Odbc Connection

    Hi, I am facing an issue with the Progress ODBC connection, when connecting remotely. However I am able to connect locally on the same server. The error message received is Warning --------------------------- [DataDirect][ODBC PROGRESS driver][PROGRESS]No Data Source : OE11.3 64 bit OS ...