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    How to find out if record is locked

    Hello community, by a PHP Application i want to update a dataset inside a Progress-Table, that is working generally. But it is possible to work on the same dataset inside our EPR-System that locks the dataset. Now when i want to update the dataset this i get this error. SQL error...
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    Answered Is It Possible To Get Record Lock Duration

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the duration that a record have been locked for via a program? I know it is possible to get a transaction duration using virtual system table _trans. But this does not help me because share-locks don't generate a transaction. Our software supplier...
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    Question Implementing Transaction Management - Best Way ?

    Hi, I am looking for a method to implements transaction management (as in the DO TRANSACTION block keyword) in many programs. I need to do this because there some table lock wait issue on some programs. I have already found some technics to implements the locking, for example this kind of code...
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    Answered Is using Temp tables and locking bad coding standards

    Hi all, Quick question, is using lock statements (no-lock, exclusive-lock) when doing searches on temp tables considered bad coding standards? See example below. Now before anyone says anything note the below is a simple example for illustrative purposes only. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE...