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    Question About Tracking Agent Usage

    I'm working on an online webstore that is written in Webspeed. My client has a concern - if the number of agents currently in use is maxed, the site will slow down for the (eventual) shoppers. Is there a way to track agent activity (when the spawn, when they de-spawn, etc.)? Much...
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    Question Dump & Load Question

    We're upgrading all of our clients from version 10.2B to 11.6 and one of the processes involved is to convert the databases from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8. The process I'm currently doing is: 1. Convert version 10 DB to UTF-8 2. Binary dump version 10 DB 3. Load .bd to empty version 11 UTF-8 DB The...
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    Question Error Trying To Load Data Into New Db

    I'm upgrading from Openedge 10 to 11 and doing a dump and load to a new version 11 db as I need to convert to Type II storage area and add additional tables/fields/indexes in the process. I also need to convert the DB from iso8859 to utf-8 so I assume that I can't do a binary dump? I started...