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  1. kasundha

    Question DB user-level password policy implementation OE 11.73

    I'm using _user table to manage user accounts in the system but I'm using application-level password policy to manage user's passwords. I need to implement a password policy in the database. scenarios as follows. for password complexity. password renewal timeframes. password history (cannot use...
  2. Jaun

    Question Openedge Db Reduction In Performance On Solaris 11

    One of our clients have applications that mostly do a lot of record reading on Large OpenEdge databases. Their warehouse application db's are almost 500GB in total and their financial application db's are around 200GB in total. the OS and database LUNs reside on SAN storage(this applies to their...
  3. V

    Answered How to grant read write access to new DB users

    Hi Seniors:) I am having to connect to progress DB using a Progress OpenEdge 10.2B driver. And I succeeded, but am not able to access data(tables). And the error is 'Access Denied(7512).' I looked up on this error and saw that I have to grant read & write privileges to my new user 'admin'. But...