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    Connecting mssql database remotely in linux platform without running progress broker

    I want to connect ms sql which is hosted remotely in windows. But how can i connect this to progress, any solution without running broker in windows?
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    What I am missing while connecting ms sql database remotely in progress environment in linux platform

    I have created database student in ms sql server management studio 2014, I want to connect this database remotely in linux environment. I have installed datadirect 7.1 in linux system. I had changed odbc.ini file and give sql server credentials. While i check this with running example i can...
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    Using Datadirect to connect remotely ms sql hosted in win platform to the progress d/b in linux platform

    I am trying to connect ms sql database remotely to the linux environment. In linux machine i created datasource which is successfully connected when i try to run sample example provided by datadirect. But when I try to make schemaholder to connect ms sql databse to progress in linux, it pop up...
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    Error [MM - No data block] (7631)

    We are running Vantage 6.1 with a Progress 9.1D back end. The database is kept on a Windows 2000 SP 4 server. I query the database on my Windows 7 64 Bit machine using DataDirect Connect for ODBC 5.1. This works great and has for a while. I recently encountered an issue with some of my BIG...