1. Norbert Himer

    GUI and WebSpeed application converting

    Hi All! I have a little problem. I want my current application to be displayed on the web. I started with the first reports and I already had a problem. The structure of all my reports is as follows: /* Title and Global variables definition */ /* Local variables definition */ /* Selection from...
  2. D

    code-page conversion table from UTF-8 to single-byte code pages description or example

    Hello, I am facing the following problem: 1. AppServer communicating with a 3d-party web-service gets special characters (multi-byte characters) in UTF-8 encoding, which cannot be converted by Progress to the internal code-page 1252. 2. AVM throws the error 11395 3. I am aware of the concept...
  3. N

    Question Dump & Load Question

    We're upgrading all of our clients from version 10.2B to 11.6 and one of the processes involved is to convert the databases from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8. The process I'm currently doing is: 1. Convert version 10 DB to UTF-8 2. Binary dump version 10 DB 3. Load .bd to empty version 11 UTF-8 DB The...
  4. C

    Question Progress to MySQL

    Good Day, A client of mine, as a WinNT4 box with a Progress database running on it. I do have access to box, engine seems running, licence included, however, they want me to develop a MySQL/PHP interface so they can quickly search the data, instead of using a WinNT terminal box to access this...