1. ezequiel

    Answered FILE-INFO and wildcards

    Hello, I need to know, via Progress 4GL 9.1C, if any PDF exists in a known path. Something like FILE-NAME = "*.PDF". But FILE-NAME / FILE-INFO doesn't accept wildcards Is there a way to accomplish this? Using Windows 8.1 workstation and Windows 2003 file server. Thank you.
  2. ezequiel

    Resolved PDFInclude 3.3.3 -> Error 471

    Hello, I downloaded PDFInclude 3.3.3 and used it on my programs. Everything was great in my computer but when run on not-developer workstations I get Error 471 "This version of PROGRESS does not allow compiles." I understand the problem is in instructions that require AppBuilder to run. But I...
  3. ezequiel

    Answered Send SMTP with authentication

    Hello, I need to send mails via SMTP from a Progress program. I started trying with sockets-smtp.p, but our smtp server requieres authentication. Is there a way to insert the SMTP user name and password in sockets-smtp.p or another sample code? Progress 9.1C , Windows 2003 server, Windows 7...