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    Question Exporting one column value from imput Text file

    Hello, I am having an iput file which is a text file with pipe delimiter. Need to extract only 3rd column values from this input file to another file. Other than using variables to do the task, is there any other options. Thanks for any help.
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    Question Progress to Java Conversion documents

    Hello All, We are trying to understand the scope of conversion of some of our progress (open edge 10.2B) written reports/ programs to Java based programs. If anyone of you can give me an insight on how to change the progress programs to java or any sites / doumentation links which will help me...
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    Error System Not able to create next call ID

    Hello, We create the call through call management menu daily. From yesterday, the system is not allowing us to create next call ID. For eg the last call ID was PAAYB113 and the next one should be PAAYB114. We normally enters this value manually but the system is not allowing us to do...
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    lpad - ing a field

    I need to add zeros to the left of two fields... lets take ckd_amt and ck_nbr fields. if it was sql then LPAD is an option.. likewise is there an option in progress ? The total content length after lpading should be 10 for both.... I tried declaring a variable as integer '9999999999' and then...
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    Total amt

    Hi , For a ck_nbr value lets say there are two ckd_amt values. How can I sum those and get inside a data output stream under one ck_nbr value. i.e ck_nbr = 0001 & ckd_amt = 100 ,ckd_amt = 200 & ck_date = 01/01/01 want to sum ckd_amt = > 100 + 200 = 300 put stream out-stream unformatted...
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    database table used for storing the account ranges in menus 25.3.17 and 25.3.20

    Hi Guys, We really dont have the source code to check this. Please help me to identify the tables which is used to show the account ranges in menu 25.3.17 and 25.3.20. Means the frame which shows the range is not editable and I cant use a ctrl-f to find it. version : mfg/pro eB2 SP8 , CHUI.
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    vendor record duplication in data extraction

    Hi Friends , Doing an extraction of Supplier data based on Invoice data. so using the condition ap_vend = vd_addr . But this is making me go crazy ! the data file is having duplicate values . See the scenario below which is happening now. ap_vend vd_addr ------------...
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    getting unique contraint error in 25.13.1

    Hi - one of the user is getting error in 25.13.1 Standard Transaction Maint menu. " The error is "Warning : Amount in base currency is ** unique constraint error (AUD_DET#AUD_ENTRY) violated" .... Our version is QAD MFG/PRO eB2 CHUI with SP 8. What should be done to resolve this Thanks
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    first and last date of previous month

    Hello , I need to extract some data based on date range. The condition is if I schedule run of the extract program 3rd of every month the date range should be last months 1st day and last day. i.e If I am running the program in 3rd feb the date range should be 1st jan and 31st jan. How I can...
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    mfg/pro application timeout issue

    Hello, From a particular region where our user community sits, they are facing a weird issue. If these users keep the mfg/pro session (accessed via putty) idle for say 20-25 mins... the session freezes out and they have to re-login. But no other users excpet users sitting in this particular...
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    Connectivity issue in Q/linq

    Hello All - There is problem with the Q/linq module in our mfg/pro eB2. When we use Q/linq to export data to the registered 3rd party application- Lets say there are 10 doc ids to export. It will connect with the 3rdparty app and starts sending the docs. But after the first or second document is...
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    New app addition to Q/linq

    Hello All, We have a new application to be added to Q/linq export. Even though we registered it with External Application) and given export parameters in Specification Maint). We changed the web.xml file inside the Tomcat dir. But when we try to export doc to...
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    7.1.1 SO credit limit calculation

    Hi - Would like to know whether the credit limit calculation done in 7.1.1 (eB2 ) is based on customer base currency and credit limit maintained in 2.1.1 or its the base system currency based calculation. To make it more clear : lets say a customer in 2.1.1 is maintained with currency SEK...
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    last login information of whole user IDs

    Hello , Is there any menu/any other ways in QAD eB2 for identifying the last login information of all maintained user ids in the system. Thanks
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    Need a report that provides number of transactions processed per vendor

    Hello All, Is it possible to generate a report that provides number of transactions processed per vendor for a particular year ? Thanks
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    Need a report that provides number of transactions processed per vendor (2011).

    Hello All, Is it possible to generate a reportthat provides number of transactions processed per vendor for a particular year ? Thanks
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    EDI Trading partner ID copy

    Hello, We are going to maintain a new Trading partner ID in mfg/pro eB2 through 35.13.7(Trading partner maintenance). We would like to copy the data(entire info present inside 35.13.7 )of an existing ID to this new trading Id. How is this possible.Is there any menus for that.. or any other ways...
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    Entity to Entity data transfer

    Hello, We are planning to maintain a new entity. So we require all the accounts and accounts postings related to a particular entity (all AR,AP,SO etc) should be moved under this new entity. Is it possible ?. If possible how this can be achieved.? Thanks
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    Getting an error while posting Invoices in eB2 via 7.13.4 Invoice Post

    Hello, When one of the user is trying to post the invoice through 7.13.4 Invoice Post in eB2 we are getting an error. Please help.. what could be the problem...
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    User read access or read/write access to menus

    Hello, I would like to know is it possible to setup a user security in mfg/pro eB2 like 1. Only read access to menus - particular users 2. Only read/write access to menus - particular users Is it possible or is there a way ? Thanks