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  1. Cringer

    OE 11.7.x vs OE 12 and PASOE

    I suppose to an extent PASOE vs Classic is a question of what you're doing. But ultimately, when 11.7 is retired, the Classic AppServer will go with it. So in essence it's irrelevant if PASOE is better or not: PASOE is the only route forward if you want to stay up to date with OpenEdge (which...
  2. Cringer

    wait-for: endkey or error

    BLOCK-LEVEL was added in 11.2, a long time ago now. Possible it was also added as a Service Pack for 10.2B. You should definitely be on 10.2B08 if you have to stay on 10. But it is now ancient and unsupported.
  3. Cringer

    wait-for: endkey or error

    That's why you put this at the top of each piece of code: BLOCK-LEVEL ON ERROR UNDO, THROW.
  4. Cringer

    wait-for: endkey or error

    Procedure P2 in the second example shouldn't be catching anything. Any errors will be passed to p1 and caught there. You're right you can't have multiple wait-fors in a piece of code. You shouldn't need to. Still not enitirely clear what you're trying to do but it does sound like you need some...
  5. Cringer

    wait-for: endkey or error

    You can probably throw a custom error rather than returning 'EndKey'. You can parse the error in the catch and ignore it/rethrow it if it's EndKey. something like: on endkey undo, throw new MyEndKeyError
  6. Cringer

    Question Tutorial for simple crud application

    You can modify code outside AppBuilder - sure. You can edit wherever you like. Can I suggest a few things: Don't develop in the AppBuilder. It's old, and is no longer being updated maintained. Use PDSOE (Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge). It's an Eclipse based IDE. You can set up...
  7. Cringer


    That sounds like something you'll need to take up with QAD tech support.
  8. Cringer

    wait-for: endkey or error

    Hi Alexander, please could you describe what you are trying to do and the errors you are getting. Code snippets are great, but it's a little hard to understand from them what you actually want to achieve.
  9. Cringer

    Question Tutorial for simple crud application

    Here is the Openedge Classroom Edition: OpenEdge Classroom Edition - Progress OpenEdge Free for personal use.
  10. Cringer

    Question Looking for Progress ETL getting started tutorials

    Not sure what you mean by ETL. Please can you expand?
  11. Cringer

    utility to reformat bad indentation

    As a starting point for a program that is in a horrendous state, the indentation correction in PDSOE isn't actually that bad. Ok, so it probably doesn't match your coding practises, but it's a starting point to make sense of the blocks. Which is what I often find the hardest part. Then you need...
  12. Cringer

    Could not Load DLL procedure zlib1.dll

    Is this a new DLL? Is the DLL blocked by windows?
  13. Cringer

    Error DB went down Please help to find out RCA

    Sarcasm doesn't help. Now I'm even less inclined to help.
  14. Cringer

    Error DB went down Please help to find out RCA

    Yes it's for asking questions, but it's also important to be able to help yourself first. All contributors here are volunteers giving up their own time to help others. We are not here to do the jobs you can do yourself, and are probably paid to do. If people aren't prepared to provide evidence...
  15. Cringer

    Error DB went down Please help to find out RCA

    One thread will suffice.
  16. Cringer

    Weighted average rate movement

    What have you tried so far?
  17. Cringer

    Question How do I install the selenium webdriver?

    If you right click on the dll and select properties, then it will tell you if it's blocked. Sady it doesn't tell you if it's unblocked. There's just nothing about it.
  18. Cringer

    Question How do I install the selenium webdriver?

    I feel bad asking, but have you made sure the dll is unblocked?
  19. Cringer

    Question Can OE DATABASE support 12,000 concurrent users

    Definitely no reason not to. Yes there will be a lot of challenges. And I would suggest moving 12.2.2, and as Rob says, a supported OS before heading down that route. I can't vouch for user counts, but I do know there are some massive OE databases in the wild that, presumably, also have...
  20. Cringer

    Save Output as an Excel file.

    I think the leading 0's can actually be solved by outputting the data as ="0001234". But it's a horrible cludge and if anyone wants ot do any manipulation of the data later it's horrible.