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    Question Remote Serving Of Databases

    There are numerous out of memory issues with the adminserver. But there us one main culprit and there is a hot fix for it available for it on several versions including 10.2b08.. Call tech support and tell them your problem and get the latest hotfix.
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    Question Name Server And Appserver Port Should Same?

    They don't have to be different. Nameserver uses UDP and appserver uses TCP. They don't conflict even if they are using the same port. What you're probably seeing is how you specify the connection. Normally for appserver connection from a client you specify AppServer protocol and port 5162...
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    Resolved Odbc Database Configuration In Oe Developer Studio

    To setup the database connection for pdsoe... start by reading the help. Then go read the help on database parameters in a .pf file. your understanding is incorrect about the -db aeitch. that is the database name and has nothing to do with sql. Then make sure your database has a sql broker...
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    Resolved Odbc Database Configuration In Oe Developer Studio

    That screen is for jdbc connections. not odbc connections. if you really must use odbc and if you have a jdbc to odbc driver for your particular database you can setup the driver definition and classpath for it in the preferences. you are much better off just using jdbc though.
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    Resolved Openedge Architech Refresh Issue

    Eclipse keeps a local history of each file. Right click on the file in resources view, and select replace with -> local history. And in the meantime get yourself some source code control so you don't have to worry about this again.
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    Question Openedge Explorer - Jspwork Folder

    $dlc/fathom.init.params file
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    How To Monitor Bi Growth, Utilized And Free Blocks...

    In OpenEdge Management, we fetch the number of extends of the BI area every few minutes from _ActIOFile._iofile-extends , and use that to calculate growth per X. Doing it this way requires comparing the current sample against the previous sample to come up with the rate of growth.
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    11.6 Pas

    Please post this on openedge communities site as this is more a question for openedge devs. Normally accessing web-context directly is unsupported and you're supposed to use the supplied methods getField() and so on.
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    Fathom Startup Failed

    Or just delete the activity database. Its a cache for graphing, and you won't lose anything important beyond some graphing data.
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    Fathom Startup Failed

    Post the exception from the ads0.exp file. [2015/12/14@20:30:46.791-0500] [0] [*UnexpectedError*] * recorded as exception #1 in file ads0.exp.
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    Question Anatomy Of A Static Query

    That isn't really a query. That is a for each block, which is going to read records from db blocks one at a time. The database loads blocks of records, not single records. So if two records are the same block you won't get two physical reads, you'll get one physical read, and the next will...
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    Answered Is using Temp tables and locking bad coding standards

    You need to read Martin's book on clean code. One of the topic's he discusses is "cognitive load". The basic concept is "if it isn't serving an purpose, then don't include it". This applies to useless comments, comments on "getters" where the only possible value is explained by the function...
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    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    Yes; code runs in separate threads within a single agent executable process; although you can start multiple agents if you want. There's a couple of configuration options for how third party libraries are accessed. You can force access to all be serialized, but if you know its thread safe, you...
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    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    WebSpeed works ok with REST for some stuff, but unfortunately, if you want access to all the REST verbs, you'll have to use something else. WebSpeed messenger only supports GET and POST. PUT and DELETE are filtered out. Although in 11.6, PASOE webspeed transport is a lot more like current...
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    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    try 2: PUG Challenge Americas
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    Splitting Webspeed Architecture

    You don't need to split them. When you're ready to transfer stuff to machine two, just create a file with the broker details for machine 2, and copy it across. Use mergeprop to apply the delta to machine 2's the adminserver only supports a single...
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    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    I gave a talk on how to do this at PUG Challenge back in June. You can d/l the powerpoint and samples here: Look for "REST for any application".
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    Question AdminServer plugins

    Those messages are just noise. Basically an artifact of the fact the installer only has one template for the file, tailors the whole thing as if everything was installed already and license checks are used to enable or disable individual plugins. If you wanted...
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    Question AdminServer plugins

    The code isn't obfuscated with the exception of some interfaces to third party stuff (the RSA SSL libraries and such). Take a copy of progress.jar run it through a decompiler like jadclipse and have fun.
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    Question AdminServer plugins

    I only took ownership of it since about 11.0. I don't mind admitting it as I wasn't responsible for its internals prior to then. I've rewritten huge portions of it. I don't touch the actual runtime related code for appserer broker (with the exception of the PDSOE debugger integration). A...