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  1. LawnyToast

    Resolved Adding Field to an existing Database Table - Procedural Errors

    This is my first time altering one of our existing database tables. My predecessor taught me everything I know, and he is no longer working with our company. We briefly touched on the altering of existing database tables, and what I took away from that talk was: Every file that references the...
  2. LawnyToast

    Upgrade Questions 10.2B to 11.6 and OS Migration

    I am just going to Dump a lot of information here so bare with me... We are hitting a roadblock with Windows Server come 2020. Our OpenEdge 10.2B DB is hosted on a VM who's OS that is going end of life in January. Our software has been created and curated in 10.2B for 12 years. We own 11.6 but...
  3. LawnyToast

    Temporary Message

    Hello All, Another minor development question for everyone today... I am wanting to create a pop-up window or message that appears for 5-8 seconds then disappears without any interaction from the user. This window will be opened up by the users actions, but will not require any response or...
  4. LawnyToast

    Variable for Current Month

    Hello ProgressTalk! This is my first post so I will be brief. I am trying to find the most efficient way to display the current month in string form. Right now I have. iMonth = month(today) cCurrentMonth = if iMonth = 1 then 'January' else if iMonth = 2 then 'February' else if iMonth = 3 then...