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    Answered LEAVE VS RETURN

    Hi guys, How are you ? While coding today I was asking myself what is best to leave a procedure or a trigger with some test, is it the LEAVE or the RETURN ? Example: DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER i = 1 . IF i = 1 THEN LEAVE . /* VS */ DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER i = 1 . IF i = 1 THEN...
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    Hi guys, Long time no see. I hope everyone is safe in this difficult time. I have a question about the filters of the system-dialog get-file. I know how to setup multiple filters staticly and dinamicly but don't know how to get the Filter selected by the user? Do you have any idea ? Best...
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    Question Run command from the AppBuilder

    Hi everyone, Do you what instruction is USED by the appbuilder to run the program your currently working on ? Iike run mypgm as persistent Best regards , BobyIsProgress
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    Question Gap Between dbanalys and COUNT

    Hi guys. On one of our table we did a dbanalys and he get us 39k record. But when we are executing a "COUNT" on the table, we are getting around 33k. Do you have any why ? How is it possible? Best Regards, - Vivien -
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    Answered GUI tools on OE10

    Hi guys, I was thinking about the OE10 tool for designing GUI: Do you know if it's specific to the OE version or if we can have more recent tool for GUI ? Best Regards, - BobyIsProgress -
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    Resolved Error Runtime with progress and crystal report

    Hi everyone, Since two weeks now we have run time error with crystal report as the image below: We are running on our user the last version of windows. This error is random. Sometimes we can generate 10,20,30 and more and nothing will happen. And sometimes we can have it at the height one...
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    Question Manage output for dynamic query/browse when using OUTER-JOIN

    Hi everyon, While making improvement in my understanding of dynamic query I encounter a new unknown; In fact in my dynamic Query bellow I use an outer-join on two tables : VAFDAI & VFGDAI: CREATE QUERY dispQuery. dispQuery:SET-BUFFERS(BUFFER FGSERV:HANDLE,BUFFER SACDPE:HANDLE,BUFFER...
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    Resolved 7325

    Hi everyone, While doing some dynamic query I get the following error message while performing the query-prepare at runtime : 'QUERY-PREPARE' need to have one 'FOR EACH/PRESELECT' for each buffer memory of the query This is my code: dispQuery:SET-BUFFERS(BUFFER FGSERV:HANDLE,BUFFER...
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    Answered Approval at distance

    Hi everyone, First Happy New Year and wish you best . I know that the title don't tell much. I will try to be as precise as possible . This is my case: We have an application that allow the user to make purchase request . For this request we have an approval workflow. Today the user that...
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    Question Question of a way to have a flex code

    Hi guys, Running OE10.2B I know that the subject don't say that much so I will try to explain what I'm trying to do. I'm working on our MPS. So this is my code : DEFINE TEMP-TABLE TTREF FIELD proref AS CHARACTER FIELD prodes AS CHARACTER. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE TTNEED FIELD proref...
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    Answered question on query

    Hi, While reading some old codes I found something I don't understand: FOR EACH <tableName> FIELDS(List of Table fields) WHERE <condition> NO-LOCK: I search for the "FIELDS" keywork but found nothing helpfull . Do you know something about this ? Best Regards, BobyIsProgress
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    Question Using class Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

    Hello guys, When I need to output some formatted data on excel I used the excel API that progress give us. But it's very slow. Do find maybe a speed up way to do it by using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel . So I found some code on progress KB that was demonstrating the error you get when...
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    Answered Persistent run

    Hi, I'm a bit confused about the run persistent . I know how to use it for a .p procedure, but in some old programs i found "run myWindow persistent set myHdl" . But when I replace the myWindow by a new one, my Windows don't show up but she is runing. Do you know why ? Best Regards, -...
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    Answered Using song effect for user action

    Hi everyone, I have a programm that's playing song if the transaction was successful and another if it wasn't. We are using them to help the operator notice that something is wrong. But the first time it's used, it's really low to come. Do you have already done this ? how? What are your...
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    Temp Table as parameter or Shared temp table

    Hi Everyone, I will have a huge project where there is many temp tables. For some reason I will build them in a procedure file before using them in a window file. I would like to know if it's best to push all the temp-table by parameter or by using them as shared temp-table? What do you think...
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    Question Standardize procedure and function

    Hi Guys, I'm actually working on standardize our code. And I already have some procedure/function that a use on many apps. I'm thinking of unite them in one code to simplify the maintenance & reduce the number of programs. I just don't know if I have to go for an include or a class type...
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    Resolved TIME function

    Hi, I have a OE server that is scale on American Central Time zone for the hour & a client runing on Paris time zone. When I prompt the TIME on the screen: MESSAGE STRING(TIME,"HH:MM:SS") VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX INFO BUTTONS OK. It show me the Server Time and not my local time. So I just want...
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    Answered Reading registry key

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my app more user friendly. And for this I need to matche the time format of the user like "HH:MM:SS" on 24h for Europeen and "HH:MM:SS AM/PM" for English type. For this I tried to read a specific registry key. For this I found the following kb...
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    Question Question about window app

    Hi everyone, Recently i'm working on a window app that run at starting a procedure name local-initialize. In this procedure I cut a character value that is an input parameter of my app i call it "runinput". i do something like this: DEFINE VARIABLE k AS INTEGER NO-UNDO. DO FOR k = 1 TO...
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    file in a progress DB

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to store files in my progress DB (oe 10.02B) (not the file path but the file himself). Is it possible ? If it is, is there some limitation about it ? best regards, - BobyIsProgress -