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  1. TomBascom

    MS Access and OE 10.2B Error

    My guess would be the dbname
  2. TomBascom

    MS Access and OE 10.2B Error

    The leading dot suggests to me that you need to provide the name of the schema.
  3. TomBascom

    How to hide field from input frame

    Do you have some sample code that shows what you currently have working?
  4. TomBascom

    Encryption (TDE) Query

    Also -- make lots of copies of the keys and put them in safe places where people will be able to get them. If you lose the keys *nobody* can help you.
  5. TomBascom

    What is the current consensus on the old "app server" vs the tomcat based one?

    Classic app server is a dead end. Bite the bullet and move on.
  6. TomBascom

    Progress ProVision

    "ProVision" is the 1990s era development environment associated with Progress 8 & 9. The current release is OpenEdge 12. "OpenEdge" is the product name since version 10 back in 2003. "Progress" has been the company name since the 80s. The current development environment is Progress Developer...
  7. TomBascom

    DO FOR updOrder-line TRANSACTION

    In the absence of an actual question I do have a comment to share ;) Generally speaking... in real code you should not suppress errors with NO-ERROR and then fail to test for and handle those errors that you are ignoring. A point that I probably forget to mention often enough when I share...
  8. TomBascom

    Question Enable Large Files

    They might provide good application support but when it comes to the database they obviously have no clue and their “advice” should be ignored. You should engage a competent 3rd party to review your configuration. If they are feeding you bologna as above then it is also likely that you have...
  9. TomBascom

    2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under!

    The PUG In A Box speaker team is in Australia and ready to go! Opening general session and Progress roadmap are tomorrow at 9am. We still have a few seats available!
  10. TomBascom

    PUG Challenge South Africa 2020

    But yeah, they should eventually make it onto the PUG’s web site eventually
  11. TomBascom

    PUG Challenge South Africa 2020

    They are available for review at PUG Challenge Australia next week
  12. TomBascom

    Progress Collation

    You almost certainly have mismatched code pages somewhere between where the orders come from and the database. You can check the code pages being used by the db by searching the .lg file for messages containing "-cp". The program that put the data into the database *might* have used something...
  13. TomBascom

    PUG Challenge South Africa 2020

    It's not too late!
  14. TomBascom

    2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under!

    Plenty of time left to register!
  15. TomBascom

    Resolved Adding Field to an existing Database Table - Procedural Errors

    You really shouldn't use SQL to make schema changes. SQL alter table statements "work" but you are asking for weird side-effects. Especially with something as ancient, obsolete and unsupported as 10.1C. The natural way to modify the schema of an OpenEdge database is with the data admin tool...
  16. TomBascom

    Scatter factor

    To monitor your schema CRUD activity you should use suggestions for "complete" coverage (this is for a sports2000 database):
  17. TomBascom

    Answered Converting Application with Global Shared Variables to Classic AppServer REST Service

    Converting from GLOBAL SHARED to plain old SHARED might also result in unexpected side-effects. When a shared variable is GLOBAL additional NEW definitions have no impact. But if it is merely SHARED each NEW creates a new instance and values that might have previously been expected to pass...
  18. TomBascom

    Question Gap Between dbanalys and COUNT

    Did SELECT * give the same answer as FOR EACH? There are several places where a “records” column appears in dbanalys. Since this is a test - I suggest that you rebuild indexes for that table and re-run the dbanalys.
  19. TomBascom

    Question Gap Between dbanalys and COUNT

    Shockingly! You need to share your code to get a good answer! Also - what version of Progress is involved? (Yes, it matters.) Did you COUNT from embedded SQL-89, or via a 3rd party SQL tool (thus using SQL-92), or are you referring to the 4gl COUNT-OF function? Did you try cross checking...
  20. TomBascom

    Feeling Tired & Washed Up

    The nice thing about legacy code is that there are endless opportunities to improve it :) The hard thing is convincing your employer that those improvements are important and that it isn't just unproductive mumbo jumbo with no business benefit. Some workplaces are a lot more receptive to the...