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  1. Pioux

    Error Creating branch to Enterprise GitHub using ABL

    Hi, I'm currently trying to connect to our enterprise GitHub in order to create branches and do some branch merges on an automated way. Until now, I have succeeded to get lots of things from GitHub (like repos, branches, etc...) using GET method. Communication is working fine and results are...
  2. Pioux

    Answered Is there a way to store a compilable encrypted .p

    Hi everyone, Just a quick explanation about my problem. We would like to protect some of our procedure files ".p" (OpenEdge). The reason is that some of them contains hosts names or passwords, and we don't want the developers to be able to read them. The problem is that we want to keep them...
  3. Pioux

    Resolved OpenEdge 10.2 compatible with Eclipse 4.3 ?

    Hi all, I'm trying to install the OE plugins to an Eclipse 4.3.2 version. But when launching eclipse, it doesn't allow me to open an OpenEdge perspective. I've tried to use the IntegrateArchitect.bat script but without success. Is there any other way to use OpenEdge Architect on an Eclipse 4.3 ?
  4. Pioux

    Resolved How to handle a ProBindingSource ?

    Hi everyone ! I'm doing my first steps with the .net features of the 10.2b version of OpenEdge. I have to convert a screen made with the AppBuilder tool, into a .net screen using Eclipse. The old screen was doing an AppServer request and get back a filled temp-table from the remote process. So...
  5. Pioux

    Resolved How to load and manage a big text file ?

    Hi everyone, I would like to load in a memptr a big text file (more than 3 GB) and then manage the content (I'm using OpenEdge v10). If I do the following, I get a runtime error because the SET-SIZE statement only work with INTEGER data-type and the value of the variable is too big to fit in...