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  1. dancar

    Greetings from a bygone analyst.

    Hows the world of Progress? I havent been on the forum in years...since @ 2001-2 So whats new?
  2. dancar

    MS Access to the Web

    Consulting as I do, recently a major oil company has requested that I prepare a brief on the pros and cons of enabling MS Access database application for the web. Of course I have my on biased opinions as to why this should never be done, however, I would appreciate founded and factual feedback...
  3. dancar

    Syteline 6 support

    Which organization(s) is/are providing support for Syteline 6? Its not Mapics (now Infor) which owns Syteline / Symix and version 7.
  4. dancar

    Print Screen via WinXP

    Do all WinXP systems NOT capture the window contents with "ctrl-prnt scrn" or "alt-prnt scrn" ? Or is it just my Dell Inspiron 2650 ?
  5. dancar

    A Real "Pro" Available For Hire.

    Seeking 1)permanent - full time position, 2)term contract IT/IS/DP, Manufacturing/Fabrication, Mgmt. & Sales. Progress and ERP isn't all there is; but I've got the experience from V3.x thru V9.x if that's what you need. See "My Profile", "Resume Synopsis"...
  6. dancar

    chat window

    Anyone know of a chat window program that can be used for communication with ? :idea:
  7. dancar

    cool idea - i think.

    Cell phones with memory sticks for embedded apps. Just think of the business possibilities. Sales, inventory, order functionalities via cell phone dial up connections with embedded 4gl / sql inquiries and resulting info being displayed on the cells led. Anyone interested?
  8. dancar

    MySQL via Progress

    Has anyone connected to MySQL database via Progess and interfaced with it using 4gl-char/gui? dc
  9. dancar


    Seeking CIO/CTO/IS Mgmt/IT Mgmt/Sys Mgmt/ opportunities.
  10. dancar


    Available for hire. IT/IS/MIS needs. Contact (903)342-6701... see Analyst, Developer, DB Modeler, Admin, Networking installs/configs/security...etc...
  11. dancar

    new MAC OSX

    Anyone had any hands on the MAC OSX? It's unix! Wonder if Progress will support it? Maybe they should!
  12. dancar

  13. dancar

    unix db server survey

    I'd like to collect a valid count of companies with unix servers in use instead of the ms solution. With corp cio/cto (and most application vendors) following the "pied-piper" from redmond, how strong a solution is the unix os today? Any interest in the survey?