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    How to find out if record is locked

    Hello community, by a PHP Application i want to update a dataset inside a Progress-Table, that is working generally. But it is possible to work on the same dataset inside our EPR-System that locks the dataset. Now when i want to update the dataset this i get this error. SQL error...
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    On Clause Outer Join Predicate

    "ON clause outer join predicate" contains invalid column reference. (12480)" Really? Progress doesn't really mean that. SELECT A.Firma, A.PP_Auftrag_Obj, A.Auftrag, A.AuftragsStatus, ( CASE WHEN A.BelegNummer != 0 THEN A.BelegNummer ELSE...
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    Broker Rejects Connection

    Hello Community, we have written an application where we are connecting to a progress database via ODBC and SQL. On the other side there is running an proAlpha application. Our application is written in PHP and is running an a Debian Linux Server. When we are executing a SQL statement...
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    Failure getting record lock on a record from table

    Hello Community, we have an intranet website written by PHP. There we are using the odbc interface. Next to this website the customer is working with ProAlpha. During the select statements these error messages are occurring: [Mon Jul 20 11:48:13 2015] [error] [client] PHP...
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    Error Message Ung

    I got the following error message: SQL error: [unixODBC][DataDirect][ODBC Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol driver][OPENEDGE]Ung, SQL state S1000 in SQLExecDirect Can anyone tell me, what this message means?
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    Error Error "SQL state 60"

    Hello Community, I have a php application which opens a database connection. The code looks like this and is working fine. $strDSN = "progress_test01"; $strUsername = "user"; $strPassword = "xyz"; $_SESSION [ 'odbc_connect_01' ] = odbc_connect( $strDSN, $strUsername, $strPassword )...