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  1. ezequiel

    Question Connect To 11.6.2 From Libreoffice

    Hello, after a lot of years with Progress 9.1 we are just starting with 11.6.2 - 32 bits This happens in a Windows 8.1 computer. I made a local copy of a 10.2 database and converted it to 11.6 I created a ODBC 32-bits connection and works fine. In LibreOffice, created a .ODB using the...
  2. ezequiel

    Question %5d In Csv

    Hello, I'm exporting some data to CSV, and I need to send some LF characters in certain fields. I've send CHR(10), CHR(13), CHR(11), CHR(93), "]", even "%5D", but doesn't work. Is there a way to do this? Progress 9.1C (still, I know), Windows (.1 workstations, Windows 2003R2 server.
  3. ezequiel

    Answered FILE-INFO and wildcards

    Hello, I need to know, via Progress 4GL 9.1C, if any PDF exists in a known path. Something like FILE-NAME = "*.PDF". But FILE-NAME / FILE-INFO doesn't accept wildcards Is there a way to accomplish this? Using Windows 8.1 workstation and Windows 2003 file server. Thank you.
  4. ezequiel

    Answered Consecutively run two procedures

    Hello, I have a code portion like this: RUN wProc1.r ("001","ADMIN"). RUN wProc2.r ("001",YEAR(TODAY)). Both are smartwindows with smartbrowses. I need to have both windows opened, but when I execute this only the first window opens, and the second one appears when I close the first. Is it...
  5. ezequiel

    Question PDFInclude 3.3.3 -> Error 560

    Hello, we need to use a PDF form for filling some fields and generating a new pdf. I've created a PDF file ("PruebaForm01.pdf") with one only field ("codcli"), using ArialMT font, size 10. When I run my program, I receive some errors. The first is "Entry 4 is outside the range of list...
  6. ezequiel

    Resolved PDFInclude 3.3.3 -> Error 471

    Hello, I downloaded PDFInclude 3.3.3 and used it on my programs. Everything was great in my computer but when run on not-developer workstations I get Error 471 "This version of PROGRESS does not allow compiles." I understand the problem is in instructions that require AppBuilder to run. But I...
  7. ezequiel

    Answered Send SMTP with authentication

    Hello, I need to send mails via SMTP from a Progress program. I started trying with sockets-smtp.p, but our smtp server requieres authentication. Is there a way to insert the SMTP user name and password in sockets-smtp.p or another sample code? Progress 9.1C , Windows 2003 server, Windows 7...
  8. ezequiel

    Is it possible to know wich program is locking a record?

    Hello, is it possible to know wich program is locking a record? The thing is that we can check the VST tables and know the user and workstation, but our only way to know the implied program(s) is going to the computer and check the open procedures. We use Progress 9.1c, Windows 2003 server...
  9. ezequiel

    Error 915 in a structured procedure

    Hello, I have some code that runs Ok as a part of a smartwindow-program, but crashes with a "Lock table overflow, increase -L on server (915)" error when I put it in a structured procedure. I have found a workaround unlocking some records that didn't need to be exclusively-locked, but I'm...
  10. ezequiel

    Resolved Is there a limit to number of Calculated fields on a SDO?

    The thing is I have a SDO with 2 calculated fields, both of them use user-functions from the SDO. Now I created a third function. I create the calculated field just like the others. SDO saved and compiled without error messages. Also its SBO, the associated smartbrowse, the smartwindow. And...
  11. ezequiel

    DataPA OpenAnalytics

    Hello, has anybody used the DataPA OpenAnalytics?
  12. ezequiel

    Question 9.1C and Windows CE

    Hello, we are about purchase some bar code scanners, PDA-like, with Windows CE. So, the question is if we can install a Progress client in a scanner with Windows CE or Windows Embedded, and use a specifically-written app in it. I just read in the knowledgebase: "At this writing, no Progress...
  13. ezequiel

    Answered Dynamic change of column-label in a browse

    Hello, I have a browse in a smartwindow. The browse is a freeform query. I need to change the column-label of several fieldas, but apparently the DISPLAY trigger doesn't accept variables or expressions, just constants. Is there a way to dynamically change the column-label? We use Progress...
  14. ezequiel

    Comment A Progress review

    Hello, my boss found this Progress Openedge review. Since there are no much, I publish it here, what do you think?
  15. ezequiel

    Progress Software Partners List

    Hello, I guess I'm doing something wrong. The thing is: I want to know who are the Progress Software Partners in South America. I am in Peru, and want to know if there is a reseller o any partner here. Or in the neighbor countries. But the Progress web...
  16. ezequiel

    Some ideas

    Hello, I was thinking about the development market. Other database provider have free versions: SQL express, Oracle Lite, etc. Right now, Workgroup 9.1 (we use it at work because 10 and 11 are obscenely expensive) is good stuff, but is it really better than PostgressSQL? Why not make Workgroup...
  17. ezequiel

    Use FIND with a variable

    Hello,I need to know if is it possible to use something like this: def var cTable as character. cTable = "customer". find first cTable. I can use same code to find any table. I use 9.1C Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  18. ezequiel

    Why an OpenEdge Architect for Linux doesn't exist?

    Eclipse is multi-plattaform. OpenEdge Architect is based on Eclipse. The Progress database server for Unix/Linux has always existed, i think. So, why can't I develop on Linux?
  19. ezequiel

    Error reading socket, ret = 10054, errno = 2 (778)

    Hello, we have Progress 9.1C in a Windows 2003 serverand workstations; these are in Windows XP. The network switch is a pretty old 3Com. We recently replaced 5 computers with new ones with Windows 7, and started receiving the error message: Error reading socket, ret = 10054, errno = 2 (778)...
  20. ezequiel

    Execute PSTimer tick a limited number of times

    Hello, I have a window with a pstimer.ocx. It works Ok, but continuosly. I need to set somewhere on the tick event, for it executes only 5 times and stpo, is that possible?