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    Dynamic DataSets (Oh joy weird bug)

    One of our developers has been messing about for me testing some dynamic dataset stuff and came across something weird. If you use an input/output dataset handle, when it comes back out on the output, its stripped all the data relations! I have had a look and i am also stumped! Anyone else...
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    Calling PAS async!

    Am i going crazy or is this a bug? If i call PAS async from session 1. exit session 1 before session 2 finishes its execution then session 2 bombs out without finishing. do i need to put an await in session 1 or something?!?
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    Fixed vs Variable

    Anyone got any metrics for Fixed/Variable extent performance on different storage media under different loads? I always thought it was a good idea back in the days of spinning disks to have Fixed extents but i have been wondering if it actually matters now a days? If not ill collect some data...
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    The Keyword forget list and other nuggets

    Rob's example would work fine in that instance. Slightly off topic. Does anyone know if the "of" keyword works cross database?
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    Whos here from the forum this week? Just arrived.
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    Cgiip Vs Wsisa

    So we are on 11.7 and have reverted production back to webspeed due to some PAS issues. (Locking agents not releasing connections). Webspeed is fine but we are sorely missing the performance increases PAS gave us. A request via PAS would take 100ms, but via webspeed it takes 500ms. We are...
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    Replication In 11.7

    Im trying to turn on the new "Inter-Agent Communication" or "Target Sync". It seems to have multiple names depending on what part of the documentation you find. Cant for the life of me find anything about turning it on. Just that you need it and its amazing. Anyone point me in the right...
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    Sql Queries Against Progress Database.

    11.6.3 on redhat. using dev studio to connect to progress database via JDBC. Our c# developer wrote some SQL queries and when that piece of "software" is being ran it forces the CPU usage up to 100% and slows everything down. This person no longer works here. Im using the SQL Editor in DB...
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    Buffer-copy Question

    I heard something new today, and being mr skeptical i wanted to validate. Buffer-Copy source to target wont cause any IO writes if the source and target are the same. Please validate/debunk. - Jase
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    Emea Pug Challenge

    Finally got approval to go so will be attending my first PUG in 7 years of progress development. Shame the 4GL performance workshop is full as it would have been interesting. If anyone can sneak me in it would be appreciated. A full three days of sponging information has really cheered me up...
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    11.6 Pas

    Hey guys. 11.6 PAS, Linux server. Trying to migrate an existing web speed application into 11.6 pacific and its being an absolute ... Custom web-disp.p. No problems, merged it with web-handler. Created my class and inheritance and all seems okay. From the class, i can use...
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    Corrupt Indexes?

    windows 2012 64 bit 11.5.0 Trying to delete/update a record but getting the following. Any ideas? I have found some old KB articles that point me to upgrading progress to 11.5.0 but the cause of this error still seems unknown. No triggers running. I'm tempted to do a full backup elsewhere...
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    Sockets And Licensing Implications

    Just wondering if anyone has played around with this before. (Many apologies if this has been asked before) Hypothetical example. I have one pc licensed correctly, connecting to a database. I have a piece of progress code on that pc which accepts incoming tcp information using winsock...
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    Temp-table Manager (appbuilder)

    If you define a temp-table in here with only one database connected at the time, it shows in temp-table manager with a database prefix. EG Database.Tablename. When it writes the code to the definitions section, it however doesn't include the database name. (Grr) This is frustrating and...